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Meeting Schedule For 2018

Friends of the White Pine Trail meetings (2018) will be held at 7 p.m.

January         10         Plainfield Township Offices *
February       14         Algoma Township Offices *
March            14         Plainfield Township Offices *
April               11          Cedar Springs City Offices *
May                  9          Rockford Community Cabin *
June                13         Plainfield Township Office *
July                 11          No Meeting
August            9           Howard City
September    12         Plainfield Township Offices *
October          10         Cedar Springs City Offices *
November     14         Algoma Township Offices *
December     12          Plainfield Township Offices *
* = Confirmed

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Contacting Your Legislators
Go to this page to get more information and helpful hints to assist you!
Click HERE
Meeting On Paving, 10 June 2015, 7:00 PM
Hosted by Senator Peter MacGregor
Plainfield Township Offices
To All Those Trail Supporters That Came!
Your Support For Hard Surface Paving 
Of The Trail Paid Off
We Are Working With The MDNR
To Move Forward On Total Paving 

Fund Raising For Paving Of The Trail Has Begun
You will soon be able to contribute here.
We are working toward having a PayPal Account
Stay tuned for further information!

Major Donors To Date:
Rapid Wheelmen                                                        $877.00

Total To Date                                                                $877.00
You are now able to use PayPal to Donate!


Fred Meijer New Year's Day Resolution Walk
The annual Fred Meijer New Year's Day Resolution Walk is on schedule for January 1, 2019!
People and well behaved dogs are welcome join us on an excellent stroll on the trail to 12 Mile Rd and back.
As always there will be refreshments awaiting the return.
We will have a mass - start at 10:00 am from the Rotary Pavilion in Beautiful downtown Rockford!
We hope to see you there next year as that will be 18th anniversary of the event! 


New Trail Head
Buffalo Park, just south of the Village of Stanwood has opened their gates to allow people to use the park as a trailhead for users of the Fred Meijer White Pine Trail! 
This is a joint effort between the local township and the village, they are excited and hopeful that this will bring more people to the Stanwood area and their businesses. 

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Trail Location

The Fred Meijer White Pine Trail is Michigan's longest rail/trail stretching a distance of 92 miles on the former Grand Rapids and Indiana rail bed.  The trail reaches from the north end of Grand Rapids (just south of the 5th/3rd Ballpark) into the city of Cadillac.  Future plans for other Michigan trail systems include intersecting with the White Pine establishing it as the backbone of the Michigan rail-trail system.


Trail Surface


The trail is surfaced with asphalt pavement from North Park Street at the north end of Grand Rapids, with a loop capability around the 5th/3rd Ballpark and through the community of Comstock Park; north to the village of Sand Lake; a distance of nearly 22 miles.


A short section of about 5/8 of a mile of asphalt pavement exists through Howard City.


There is also a 13 mile section of asphalt pavement between Big Rapids and Reed City.


As of late 2010 there are an additional 17 miles of new pavement from Cadillac to just south of LeRoy along with an older 1 mile section of asphalt at the very northern end of the trail in Cadillac.


The remaining 44 miles of the trail is surfaced with packed gravel or cinders with pavement planned for the future.  Riders with hybrid and mountain bikes will find the entire trail very enjoyable.


The complete trail is ADA compliant; with no grades greater than 5%; and at this point the only place where the grade is even close to the 5% is the approaches to the bridge over West River Road; located between Comstock Park and Belmont!




Trail Uses


The Fred Meijer White Pine Trail State Park is considered to be a non - motorized trail; and that also means there are rules / guidelines on trail use!  Listed below are the overall approved and non - approved uses.


Bicycling - (non-motorized) is approved for all seasons - no exceptions


Walking - is approved for all seasons - no exceptions


Running / Jogging - is approved for all seasons - no exceptions


Skating - is approved for all seasons - no exceptions


Skiing - is approved for all seasons - no exceptions


Snowmobiling - is approved with the following conditions: 

· North of the Russell Road Staging area

· Minimum of 6” of snow on all areas of the trail

· Observe posted speed limits and community regulations




Dogs - Allowed but must be on a leash


Hunting - Not allowed in the State Park


Events - The “Fred Meijer White Pine Trail State Park” is first and foremost a trail for the casual user!  The trail was not intended or designed for major fund-raising events.


If you are planning on having an event you must get a “use permit” from the park manager.


Additionally your event must not close the trail and you must inform your participants that the casual user has the right to be there and must be respected.


The “Friends” is currently the major entity maintaining the trail; and your event is the beneficiary if you have it on the trail!  Please consider a small portion of your proceeds to help the “Friends” make the trail a great place for all approved users.





During the winter months the trail has varied uses, and everyone must respect the other users, the snowmobilers, and other approved users can co-mingle on the trail if everyone respects other’s right to be there!


   Archived News

Annual - Fred Meijer New Year's Day Resolution Walk
For pictures of past "Walks" click HERE 
The cost is "0", donations to help with the cost is appreciated! 
We hope to see you there!

Additional paving completed in 2012 now allows those wanting to stay on pavement the ability to travel between the north end of the Fred Meijer White Pine Trail in Cadillac to the south side of Big Rapids on pavement by leaving the trail and using road edges for a few miles. 

The following is a description of an alternate route which may be followed between LeRoy and Reed City which will allow you to be on pavement for the total distance between Cadillac and the south side of Big Rapids.


Please note; on some maps; Mackinaw Trail and 210th Ave are interchangeable in the area just North of Reed City and may be labeled as either. 


Mackinaw trail is the old US 131 highway and lightly used.  210th Ave is a county road with moderate traffic.


From the North going South

  •  At the end of the pavement just South of LeRoy go West (Right approx. 300 ft.) on McKinley Road to Mackinaw Trail; then go South (Left) .
  • Follow Mackinaw Trail South; which makes a big curve and turns into Sylvan Rd; ending at (approx. 5 miles) 210th Ave.
  • Go South (Right) on 210th Ave till you come to the Fred Meijer White Pine (approx. 6 miles) Trail in Reed City.
  • Proceed South on the trail.

 From the South going North

  • In Reed City - just after you go through the covered bridge go North (Right) on Mackinaw Trail (approx. 6 miles) to Sylvan Rd.
  • Go West (Left) on Sylvan Road; which makes a curve to the North and then becomes Mackinaw Trail.
  • Follow Mackinaw Trail 5 miles North to McKinley Road and turn East (Right) to the Fred Meijer White Pine Trail.
  • Turn North (Left) on the trail; which will take you to Cadillac.

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