About Us

To enhance and fully develop the White Pine Trail State Park.


The White Pine Trail State Park will provide a safe,
accessible, inexpensive, and environmentally
 friendly recreation opportunity.


To see the White Pine Trail State Park have a paved
surface from Comstock Park to Cadillac.


In 1997 some trail users realized there was no organization whose major focus was to advocate the White Pine Trail development.  Several individuals who felt a volunteer group could accelerate and coordinate trail development formed a steering committee.  There was immediate support from Kent County Parks Department, the City of Rockford, Plainfield and Algoma Townships.  The municipalities offered their facilities for meetings.


A handful of local trail users and small business owners joined the group.  On September 10, 1997 the Friends of the White Pine Trail held its first initial public meeting at Plainfield Township Hall.  Thirty five people attended.


Since its beginning the “Friends” have continuously grown in it many aspects.  We have been the very successful in fundraising to support the trail having raised large sums of money to support and improve the trail.


The purpose of the Friends of the White Pine Trail:

· Assist the DNR in completing the trail

· Educate trail users about proper use

· Educate the public about trail history

· Promote the trail

· Help secure funding for trail projects

· Provide trail maintenance

· Help municipalities adjacent to the trail make the trail an asset to their communities


In the spring of 2003 the Michigan Department of Natural Resources withdrew most of their trail maintenance activities as a cost-saving measure.


Maintenance of the trail during the non-winter seasons is being provided by the Friends of the White Pine Trail and various communities along the trail.


Additionally; during the winter the “Friends” plows the snow from around the 5th/3rd Ballpark to Russell Road; the City of Rockford has been assisting in plowing from downtown Rockford to Russell Road.


In the summer of 2006 the DNR began to provide the Friends with some money to pay for equipment rental, fuel, supplies, repair parts and other expendable items used for trail maintenance.


Winter maintenance involving snowmobile related activities is provided by the Pere Marquette Snowmobile Club and funded by snowmobile trail permits.  The “Friends” have been very successful in fundraising to support the trail and making improvements to enhance the trail for all of the allowed users.



"Friends" Funding Of The Trail



Over the years we have raised several million dollars to support the Fred Meijer White Pine Trail State Park.


All the funds that are raised go toward the trail, trail users related improvements and the operation of the “Friends” organization!  The “Friends” is a totally VOLUNTEER based organization; no one gets paid wages for their services, work, or expertise!


Below is a listing of the major success in fundraising that the “Friends” were responsible for providing.  Some of our major private funders are not listed here to honor their privacy.


The "Friends" have had great support from various entities, members and other donors which make our work on the trail possible!

Funder Project Amount
US Congress Pave The Trail $2,240,000
Meijer Foundation Pave The Trail $1,000,000
W-M-T-G-C Paving Russell Rd to Sand Lake $75,000
Grand Rapids Com. Foundation Bridge over West River Rd $50,000
Steelcase Foundation Bridge over West River Rd $50,000
Frey Foundation Bridge over West River Rd & Paving Projects $25,000
Wolverine World Wide Foundation Picnic Tables & Benches $12,000
Total $3,452,000

Significant Accomplishments by the "Friends"
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Kiosk in Big Rapids -->-->-->-->-->-->-->
    Kimberly Clark
    Frey Foundation 

Partners Maintaining The Trail

The “Friends” work very hard all year to make the trail a great part of the lives of those people who use the trail.


During the winter months we have some very good partnerships with the Pere Marquette Snowmobile Club and Cadillac Winter Promotions; that do extensive work to support the snowmobile activity on the trail.


These organizations do a lot of trimming / brushing along the trail in the late fall along with various other work such as signage that supports the snowmobile community.  When there is sufficient snow on the trail these organizations with financial support from the state snowmobile fund groom the trail to give an excellent flat surface for the snowmobilers to traverse.


The “Friends” are very fortunate to have these organizations as partners working together to make the trail a great asset to everyone!




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