Belmont Staging Area Entrance Work

In Belmont; the entrance to the staging area is adjacent to the trail; the trail is adjacent to the gravel parking lot for the Belmont Store.


For years the store’s gravel parking lot ran right up to the trail asphalt with car and trucks driving on the trail.  We had many complaints of this issue.


The trail property goes within inches of the store building.  There were some very big rocks between the entrance to the staging area and the trail.  It was decided to move the rocks to between the store and the trail - stopping vehicles from driving on the trail.


It was also decided to install a split rail fence from Belmont Road to the existing split rail fence that borders the trail spur that services that staging area; nearly 200 feet.


We removed the gravel from along the trail and brought in black dirt to plant grass in.

We had someone from Dykema Excavators come and move the rocks with a very large front end loader from between the trail and the staging area drive; to close to the trail between the trail and the store.


We still need to add some large rocks to prevent some near trail traffic as we needed more rocks than were on site.  That is coming this year (2011) hopefully!


You can see the results in the areal pictures!