Comstock Park

Comstock Park is at the southern terminus of the Fred Meijer White Pine Trail State Park.


There are several restaurants, an American Legion Post, a Kent County Library, and an ice cream shop, along with many additional businesses within sight of the trail.


The Dwight Lydell - Kent County Park is located in the business district.- map


Located within the Dwight Lydell Park is the home of the Grand Rapids Model Railroad Historical Society in an old fish hatchery building that has been refurbished to host the society.


There is a recently completed staging area directly adjacent to the trail assessable off of Mill Creek Street.  The trail users are just some of the recipients of the benefits of all the hard work that the Comstock Park DDA and Plainfield Township did to bring to fruition the trail section from Ball Park Street through the business district onto Mill Creek Street. - - map


Check out the Staging Area Page for more on the excellent staging area in the business district of Comstock Park!


The trail skirts the 5th/ 3rd Ball Park and the trail user may make a complete loop around the ball park with a lengthy section between the ball park and the Grand River where the trail user will find several overlooks and a fishing pier along the river.



Special Note - - Since the Comstock Park area is at the southern end of the trail there are people looking for overnight parking in the area for extended trips on the trail.  If you have the need for overnight parking please contact the 5th /3rd Ball Park and they may be able to accommodate your needs.











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