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Newly Re-designed Website and Much More

posted Sep 12, 2011, 9:54 AM by Beth Hamel   [ updated Sep 12, 2011, 10:21 AM ]

June 2, 2011



Our re-designed website is up and running - check it out and give us feedback.  We need your input!




Water Damage Up North - - Update

In the north area in the newly paved area there has been a wash-out due to beavers and a culvert failure.

Plans are to fix this area as soon as the weather permits.


Please be carefull in workareas!




Membership News 

Congratulations to all of you who are not “paid” members and receive this e-news!  You are now an “Associate” Member.  The difference is that “paid” members will be getting the printed newsletter and you “Associate” members will not get the printed newsletter.




Cedar Springs Clean-up 

The annual spring clean-up done by the Cedar Springs 7th grade took place on Friday May 28.  The weather was great.  The school bused half the class to the Russell Road staging area and half to 18 mile road.  The young people the cleaned the trail into town and met at the park, then cleaned the park. 

Thanks again for all the work you folks did! 




Fence Project  

We have finally finished the new section of split rail fence located just north of the 5th / 3rd Ball Park!  The original plan was to install this nearly 400 feet of fence on the “Comcast Cares” workday. 

Unfortunately there was a lot of rubble buried where we were planting the fence.  Drilling the holes with the post hole digger on the tractor normally goes really quick.  We found out there was broken asphalt, broken concrete, bricks, cement blocks, rocks, wire and cable!  I think we broke between 16 and 20 shear bolts in the post hole digger!


Thanks to the Comcast folks, and our volunteers, George Dorset, Len Kizer, Ted VanVels, Tony Stachowiak, Eric Jahnke, and Tyler Fairchild.  You guys did a great job - in spite of the conditions! 





We have had reports of rattle snakes on or near the trail in the area of the overlook north of Rockford!  Please remember that wildlife is not to be disturbed or interfered with on the park property and especially the rattle snakes.  If you see a snake just leave it alone.  Here is a picture of a rattle snake you could encounter on or near the trail. 




Poem - - By Gail Brophy 

The White Pine Trail is a dream come true, As nature presents her beauty to you. 

For so many people it's just what we need, Want to walk? To run? Go biking? Yes, indeed! 

No traffic to bother, no cars whizzing by, Just nice, friendly people, with a smile and a "Hi!" 

Each season presents a feast for the eyes, Wild flowers, spring blossoms, even cactus - a surprise! 

It's nicely maintained by a volunteer crew, And to all of those workers, we say, "THANK YOU!" 

Thanks Gail




Relay Run 

The upcoming relay run will benefit the “Friends” and we would appreciate your help if you are so inclined. 

      Volunteer are always needed!

Volunteers are the heart and sole (pun intended) of an event and can make or break it's success. Many long distance require teams to supply one or two volunteers. We are not going to do that, at least for the first year. But don't let that stop you from bringing some one that wants to help. We can put them to work and accommodate any scheduling issues they may have.

We have opportunities for volunteers on Friday at Riverside Park beginning early (yawn!) in the morning and at switch areas along the trail for Friday and Saturday, and at the finish line. We are working on an exact volunteer positions and will have a schedule out soon.

If you want to volunteer, please e-mail Sylvia.

Website for the run  http://www.fredmeijerwhitepinetrail200.com 

You may also call Doug Bostian at  616-890-5978




Bridge Run

The “Friends” is one of the organizations that will receive some of the proceeds from the Bridge Run this year - Thanks!

If you should like to volunteer please contact volunteer@rungr.com.

The website is - - http://www.rungr.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=8&Itemid=15






Thanks again for your support!  The "Friends" can not function without your support!