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posted Sep 12, 2011, 10:06 AM by Beth Hamel   [ updated Aug 17, 2014, 11:11 AM ]

New Park Manager, Work Day, and Asphalt Repair
June 22, 2011

New Park Manager

The Fred Meijer White Pine Trail State Park is managed by the manager of the Mitchell State Park in Cadillac.  There is a newly placed person doing this job and his name is Chris Stark.  Welcome Chris; we are looking forward to working together!


Asphalt Repair

Repairs were made yesterday to the asphalt that was damaged as a result of the 2010 Memorial Day Storm.

We are fortunate to have the fine work of the Kent County Road Commission on the trail as this work is done at a very reasonable rate along with a high level of expertise; with the excellent personel!  After watching these folks work I am happy to be retired and not doing that job on a hot day!

There are still areas that may need to be addressed at a later date as funds become available.  The main problem areas have been fixed for now.


Workday this Saturday

Saturday June 25th 2011

8:00 am to 11:00 am

Work to be done:  Shoring up some trail shoulders and patching tar by the bridge North of Rockford overlook.  Some shoveling, retaining boards, trimming, erosion control, and tar patching.

No experience necessary.

Bring gloves, water, most tools will be provided.

Park at the 12 Mile lot

Questions?  Contact Tony Stachowiak

    Call at 616-690-3339

    E-Mail astachow@comcast.net


Snowmobile Damage To Asphalt

The executive director of the Michigan Snowmobile Association (MSA) Bill Manson, “Friends” board member Rex Houseman and I have made a couple of trips up north to look over the results of last winter’s snowmobile impact on the paved sections of the trail from Big Rapids north to Cadillac.

There are several severely damaged areas just south of Cadillac and a couple of areas at bridge approaches north of Big Rapids.  These areas will be repaired soon~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


If you have not checked it out please take a look at our re-designed website; it is up and running - check it out and give us feedback.  We need your input!

Website address - - - www.whitepinetrail.com


Relay Run 

The upcoming relay run will benefit the “Friends” and we would appreciate your help if you are so inclined. 

      Volunteer are always needed!

Volunteers are the heart and sole (pun intended) of an event and can make or break it's success. Many long distance require teams to supply one or two volunteers. We are not going to do that, at least for the first year. But don't let that stop you from bringing some one that wants to help. We can put them to work and accommodate any scheduling issues they may have.

We have opportunities for volunteers on Friday at Riverside Park beginning early (yawn!) in the morning and at switch areas along the trail for Friday and Saturday, and at the finish line. We are working on an exact volunteer positions and will have a schedule out soon.

If you want to volunteer, please e-mail Sylvia.

Website for the run  http://www.fredmeijerwhitepinetrail200.com




Thanks again for your support!  The "Friends" can not function without your support!