Partners - Working Together


Comcast Cares


In 2009 we were contacted by Comcast regarding their wish to partner with us on their “Comcast Cares” annual community event.  They told us that they wanted to bring some of their people out on a given day and would do trail maintenance / improvement work alongside of our volunteers.


We were told that Michigan Senator Mark Jansen had suggested our organization as a possible recipient of their generosity!  We do really appreciate Senator Jansen’s help!


In 2009 the Comcast folks brought out over 80 people and we had a good showing of our own volunteers.  There was a lot of work done.  Over 100 feet of split rail fence was installed, miles of trail were trimmed / brushed.


In 2010 the Comcast folks were back and brought out over 100 people and again we had a good showing of our volunteers.  Again an amazing amount of work got done!  Nearly 200 feet of split rail fence was installed and again miles of trail were trimmed / brushed, and trash picked up!


In 2011 the Comcast folks were back again, we also had a boy-scout troop come out to help, and also a good number of our volunteers this time totaling over 150 people putting in 4 hour of work.


A huge “Thank you” to the Comcast Folks for their support of our work!


Kimberly / Clark

In 2010 we were contacted by Kimberly - Clark / Jackson Safety Products located in Plainfield Township near the trail.  They wanted to do something similar to the “Comcast Cares” event and wanted to know if we were interested!  Well of course; and we worked together to plan again for another large number of people to do meaningful work on the trail.


We met at the Russell Road Staging area and sent more than 40 people out to do much need trimming and brushing in the area between Rockford and Cedar Springs.  These folks did a fantastic job on some areas that were in serious need of work!


A huge thanks to the great people that came out and made a big difference!


Frey Foundation

The Frey Foundation’s office staff offered to help out on the trail.


We scheduled a day; and just prior to the day we had a culvert problem just south of Rockford.


The folks from Frey came out and helped us fix a potentially bad situation which could have resulted in a washout in the trail.


It was a lot of hard work for people that normally work in an office environment.  We very much appreciate the work they did that day.


The Frey Foundation has been a very great partner and has helps us out on several projects financially!


Thanks to the Frey Foundation and the folks of the “Frey”