Plainfield Charter Township

Plainfield Charter Township is located at the southern end of the trail and encompasses the trail communities of Comstock Park, Belmont, and parts of the City of Rockford.


Plainfield” has always been a great supporter of the “Friends” and our relationship with “Plainfield” is an ongoing excellent relationship.


The “Friends” have had the privilege of using several of the “Plainfield’s” facilities over our many years of working together to support the trail, the communities, and the trail users.  Our job of keeping the trail a great place to spend time would be much harder without this great partnership!


Plainfield” has 10 parks and 2 Kent County Parks within its jurisdiction.  Other points of interest within the township are 2 Libraries, A Veterans Memorial, and the Hyser House Museum.


Please visit the “Plainfield Charter Township “website for more information.
Hyser House Museum
 Veterans Memorial