Trail Information

This page will give you specific information regarding the trail!
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Paving Status of the Trail

Below you will find a chart of the current paving status as of 20 January 2019.

Area Miles Paved Gravel
Comstock Park - Belmont 4.2  
Belmont - Rockford 4  
Rockford - Cedar Springs 7.4  
Cedar Springs - Sand Lake 5.3  
Sand Lake - Peirson 2   u
Peirson - Howard City 5.4   u
Howard City  0.7  
Howard City - Morely 6.8   u
Morley - Stanwood 6.3   u
Stanwood - Big Rapids 9.1   u
Big Rapids - Paris 6.1  
Paris - Reed City 6.4  
Reed City - Leroy 9.6 .
South of LeRoy - Tustin 7  
Tustin - Cadillac 11.7  


Elevation of the Trail

We have had requests for a listing of the trail's elevation and it's changes. Below you will find a chart which will give you a good idea of how the trail changes in it's elevation. The numbers are in feet above sea level!

Please click on the chart to get a larger version!


Trail Uses

The Fred Meijer White Pine Trail State Park is considered to be a non - motorized trail; and that also means there are rules / guidelines on trail use! Listed below are the overall approved and non - approved uses.

Bicycling - (non-motorized) is approved for all seasons - no exceptions

Walking - is approved for all seasons - no exceptions

Running / Jogging - is approved for all seasons - no exceptions

Skating - is approved for all seasons - no exceptions

Skiing - is approved for all seasons - no exceptions

Snowmobiling - is approved with the following conditions:

· North of the Russell Road Staging area

· Minimum of 6” of snow on all areas of the trail

· Observe posted speed limits and community regulations


Dogs - Allowed but must be on a leash

Hunting - Not allowed in the State Park

Events - The “Fred Meijer White Pine Trail State Park” is first and foremost a trail for the casual user! The trail was not intended or designed for major fund-raising events.

If you are planning on having an event you must get a “use permit” from the park manager.

Additionally your event must not close the trail and you must inform your participants that the casual user has the right to be there and must be respected.

The “Friends” is currently the major entity maintaining the trail; and your event is the beneficiary if you have it on the trail!  Please consider a small portion of your proceeds to help the “Friends” make the trail a great place for all approved users.


During the winter months the trail has varied uses, and everyone must respect the other users, the snowmobilers, and other approved users can co-mingle on the trail if everyone respects other’s right to be there!