Trail User Tips

This is a new page as of 9 February 2012.
We will try to offer tips to the various types of trail users which may be of interest depending on your type of use.
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There are many businesses that have great staff which will be happy to help you with your needs and questions.  We highly suggest you ask for help from the experts at the businesses.  


Articles That May Be Good To Carry When Biking  
Below is a list of items, articles, tools, and supplies that some bikers may want to carry with them; especially on long rides where getting back to their vehicle or obtaining assistance is likely to be an issue.   
This list is extensive and is open for additional entries - if you have suggestions; please send them to us so we can add them for everyone’s benefit! 
  • Spare tube
  • Air pump
  • CO2 tire inflator with extra cartridge
  • Presta tube adapter if your bike has presta valve tubes
  • Tube repair kit
  • Old pill bottle with some dollars and change inside; wrap the pill bottle with a dozen or so wraps of duct tape; also a couple of links of chain and or chain pins that match your bike chain in case of severe damage to your chain.
  • Chain repair tool
  • Tire removal bars (3 is a good number)
  • Multi - Tool, or a tool kit (this should have sufficient accessories to service your components)
  • Some toilet paper
  • Wet hand cleaners that are individually wrapped
  • Band-Aids
  • Pepper spray for aggressive dogs / people
  • Energy supplement such as Goo
  • Rain Parka
  • Bike Lock
  • Lights, a small "pen light" in case you have an unexpected need, head and tail lights if you may be riding at night.
  • Mosquito / Bug Repellent












  • Be sure to bring water if you are taking a long hike.
  • In cold weather layered clothing works the best. Include layered mittens or gloves so one layer can be removed if you get too warm.
  • For snow covered trails you can use Yak Traks. For icier surfaces consider taking an old pair of walking shoes and screwing in sheet metal screws. Recommended are 8x3/8 (item 70271) at Ace Hardware. You can purchase 100 for $3.69. Rim the bottom of each shoe and then fill in the center areas with a few more screws.
  • Be aware the trail has mile markers that will help you know how far you have travelled.
  • Please be considerate if you are walking with a dog. The trail has several boxes that contain plastic bags to help clean up after your dog.
  • Mosquito / Bug Repellent
  • A flash light is helpful during dark winter mornings or late evening walks.
            Information above from Jan Proli - Thanks Jan!