Trail Use and Etiquette



The "Fred Meijer White Pine Trail State Park"


The trail is overseen and managed by the Park Manager at Mitchell State Park in Cadillac.


If you have issues / concerns regarding the trail including special uses; a call to the Park Manager is the best way to resolve your needs.


If you plan on having an event on the trail you must have a "Use Permit" and the Park Manager is the person who issues those permits.


Park phone number - 231-775-7955


The park manager's name and contact information is in the left hand navigation bar near the bottom.



Trail Etiquette


Obey all posted trail use rules


Stay to the right except when passing


Pass slower traffic on the left, yield to oncoming traffic when passing


Give a clear warning signal when passing - i.e. “Passing On Your Left”


Travel at a reasonable speed


Keep pets under control (state law requires use of a leash), and clean up after your pets


Get off the paved / main trail surface when you stop for any reason


Do not litter


Respect private property - stay within the trail right-of-way


No campfires or camping on the trail right of way


Do not disturb vegetation or wildlife



Trail Uses


The Fred Meijer White Pine Trail State Park is considered to be a non - motorized trail; and that also means there are rules / guidelines on trail use!  Listed below are the overall approved and non - approved uses.


Bicycling - (non-motorized) is approved for all seasons - no exceptions


Walking - is approved for all seasons - no exceptions


Running / Jogging - is approved for all seasons - no exceptions


Skating - is approved for all seasons - no exceptions


Skiing - is approved for all seasons - no exceptions


Snowmobiling - is approved with the following conditions:

· North of the Russell Road Staging area

· Minimum of 6” of snow on all areas of the trail

· Observe posted speed limits and community regulations




Dogs - Allowed but must be on a leash


Hunting - Not allowed in the State Park


Events - The “Fred Meijer White Pine Trail State Park” is first and foremost a trail for the casual user!


The trail was not intended or designed for major fund-raising events. 

If you are planning on having an event you must get a “use permit” from the park manager. 

Additionally your event must not close the trail and you must inform your participants that the casual user has the right to be there and must be respected.


The “Friends” is currently the major entity maintaining the trail; and your event is a beneficiary of the "Friends" efforts; if you have an event on the trail!  Please consider a small portion of your proceeds to help the “Friends” make the trail a great place for all approved users.



During the winter months the trail has varied uses, and everyone must respect the other users, the snowmobilers, and other approved users can co-mingle on the trail if everyone respects other’s right to be there!