Traveling the Trail

This Page Is Under Construction as of 5-15-2014

Additional paving completed in 2012 now allows those wanting to stay on pavement the ability to travel between the north end of the Fred Meijer White Pine Trail in Cadillac to the south side of Big Rapids on pavement by leaving the trail and using road edges for a few miles. 

The following is a description of an alternate route which may be followed between LeRoy and Reed City which will allow you to be on pavement for the total distance between Cadillac and the south side of Big Rapids.


Please note; on some maps; Mackinaw Trail and 210th Ave are interchangeable in the area just North of Reed City and may be labeled as either. 


Mackinaw trail is the old US 131 highway and lightly used.  210th Ave is a county road with moderate traffic.


From the North going South

  •  At the end of the pavement just South of LeRoy go West (Right approx. 300 ft.) on McKinley Road to Mackinaw Trail; then go South (Left) .
  • Follow Mackinaw Trail South; which makes a big curve and turns into Sylvan Rd; ending at (approx. 5 miles) 210th Ave.
  • Go South (Right) on 210th Ave till you come to the Fred Meijer White Pine (approx. 6 miles) Trail in Reed City.
  • Proceed South on the trail.


From the South going North

  • In Reed City - just after you go through the covered bridge go North (Right) on Mackinaw Trail (approx. 6 miles) to Sylvan Rd.
  • Go West (Left) on Sylvan Road; which makes a curve to the North and then becomes Mackinaw Trail.
  • Follow Mackinaw Trail 5 miles North to McKinley Road and turn East (Right) to the Fred Meijer White Pine Trail.
  • Turn North (Left) on the trail; which will take you to Cadillac.