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Contacting Your Legislators

You can make a difference by contacting your Michigan Senator or Representative!

On this page there will be tips and more to help you make your efforts productive!

If you have any questions or need help please contact the Chairman (contact info is near the bottom of the left hand navigation bar)

Personal Contact

Face to face contact is very effective when contacting your legislators.  Taking the time says a lot to the person you are talking with along with your preparedness.  You will be sure to get your message to the legislator as it will not be filtered through staff.

All the legislators have local times when you can go and visit with them and relay your opinions, desires, needs and more.  Seldom do they get people to competently work with them as mostly what they see are the well-paid / funded lobbyists.  If the legislators get a groundswell of individuals interacting with them on a specific topic it gets their attention!

Go prepared, have your agenda with you
  • Make at least 3 copies (one for the legislator, one for the aid, and one for yourself)
  • Make the size of type big enough to read easily  
  • Leave plenty of space between each item to allow for notes between items
  • Try not to get off subject and respect the legislator's time
Call ahead to make sure of the time and location and if there are any special needs.  The office staff will be very helpful.

E-Mail Contact

Face to Face is most likely the best way to contact your legislator - although any contact is better than no contact, so using e-mail is a great alternative to the face to face.  E-mail will be filtered through staff.

Make sure your e-mail is very clear and informative, read it several times and be sure to spell check so your e-mail is well done.  Give your full contact information so that the staff or legislator can contact you if there are any needs for follow-up.

Legislator's Links

We have listed legislator's links below that whose district includes the Fred Meijer White Pine Trail State Park.  Further down on this page there are links to locate your legislator throughout the state.

Lynn Afendoulis - NE Kent County - Michigan House of Representatives - Dist. 73

Mark Huizenga - Cities of: Walker, Grandville, and Rockford, Townships: Solon, Tyrone, Sparta, Algoma, and Alpine - Michigan House of Representatives - Dist. 74
E-mail - MarkHuizenga@house.mi.gov

Peter MacGregor - North Kent County - Michigan Senate - Dist. 28

Winnie Brinks - Grand Rapids - Michigan Senate - Dist. 29
E-mail - senwbrinks@senate.michigan.gov

James Lower - Montcalm County - Michigan House of Representatives - Dist. 70
E-mail - JamesLower@house.mi.gov

Michele Hoitenga - Wexford, and Mecosta counties and part of Osceola County - Michigan House of Representatives - Dist. 102

Curt Vanderwall - Missaukee, Wexford counties - Michigan Senate - Dist. 35
E-mail - SenCVanderWall@senate.michigan.gov

Rick Outman - Mecosta, and Montcalm Counties - Michigan Senate - Dist. 33
E-mail - SenROutman@senate.michigan.gov

Michigan Legislative Links

Legislature Home Page

Find Your Representative Page
http://www.legislature.mi.gov/(S(isqjunrzgomuqyvadjyvc5i4))/mileg.aspx?page=HomeFind Your Representative Page

Find Your Senator Page